Arthur Wiki
Gender Male
Animal Dog
Complexion Cream
Book debut King Arthur
Cartoon debut "The Return of the King"

I.Q.[1] is a student of the Glenbrook Academy in Mr. Pryce-Jones's 3rd grade class. He won against Brain in a trivia game because Brain gave an answer from modern knowledge, instead of what people thought was right during the Middle Ages.

Physical appearance[]

I.Q. is a dog with a cream complexion. His eyes are always half-closed. He also has several hairs in the same design as the Brain's hair. He wears the Glenbrook uniform with a white collared shirt, a dark blue tie, light blue V-neck shirt, and a medium blue jacket bearing the Glenbrook insignia.




  1. "Oh, I'm sorry. But the correct answer is "the earth." Those points go to I.Q.!" — A jester, "The Return of the King"