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I Can't Snap My Fingers is track 6 from the album Arthur's Really Rockin' Music Mix. It is an entirely original song, not based on any story from the Arthur TV show. The song is in the style of lounge jazz and is about Buster Baxter not being able to snap his fingers, until finally he learns how.


Male Announcer

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the Sugar Bowl that master of the melody, Mr. Buster Baxter.



Thank you, thank you.
I can't snap my fingers
It can't be hard to do
Well, I can crack my knuckles
Mom says that's bad for you
I can break a pencil
It kinda has that sound.
But I can't snap my fingers
Like the other kids around

I practice every mornin'
On the way to school
For finger snappers laugh at me
Someday I will be cool

I ate a fish called snapper
But it didn't help
How do fish snap anyway?
I mean, they're all wet and slippery and who can even hear it underwater?


Here's how you do it, Buster, watch. (snaps) See? Use your thumb and middle finger.


I can't!


It's easy. Show him, Pal!




Ah, even Arthur's dog snaps, and I can't! Well, let me tell ya', folks
I can't snap my fingers
I really wish I could
I should give up practicing
Because I'm just no good
Ugh! (snap) Hey, I did it! I did it!


Right here would be a good place for whistling


(blows) Ah man, I can't whistle. Ah, that's another song. Save it for the next record. Now I'm snappin'. (snaps repeatedly) You heard of snappin' turtles? I'm a snappin' bunny! Woo-hoo!


I think you need to work on your rhythm.


(continuing to snap) I don't care! I'm snapping, baby! Take me out slowly, boys.