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"Invasion of the Soccer Fans"
Season/Series: 21
Number in season: 7a
Original Airdate: United States February 15, 2018[1]
United Kingdom June 13, 2020[2]
Written by: Lindsay Thompson
Storyboard by: Denis Banville
Michel Carbonneau
Elie Klimos
Nick Vallinakis
"The Princess Problem"
"Pal and the Big Itch"
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"Invasion of the Soccer Fans" is the first half of the seventh episode in the twenty-first season of Arthur.


Kate is intrigued by the soccer game on the television.


The episode begins with a segment of Mashed Peas Theater, hosted by Kate and Pal, who are talking to the viewer. Kate introduces the episode with, "It was a dark and stormy night," and Pal corrects her, saying that it wasn't stormy until the very end. Kate changes her intro to, "It's a dark and windy night," and Pal says that it wasn't very dark, either. Kate says that the episode starts with "a magic spell being cast on an unsuspecting person," which causes Pal to attempt to hypnotize the audience into making him bacon. Kate mentions "a most bizarre ritual," in the story. Pal adds that it is a ritual with nachos, and Kate responds that the nachos weren't important. Pal tells the audience that they will be "thrilled, frightening, and very, very, hungry!" followed by a big lightning flash.

Invasion of the Soccer Fans

The proper episode starts with Arthur, D.W., David, Thora, Ramón, and Vicita about to watch a big soccer game on TV. Kate, Pal, Killer, and Amigo are sitting by the TV and do not understand what is about to occur. Kate assumes that it has something to do with balls, and Killer thinks that they are going to watch a game of fetch on "the black box", before asking, "Why watch a game of fetch when you can just play fetch?"

D.W. cheers for their team by shouting, "WIN! WIN!" The dogs point out that something is strange, as everyone is shouting at the TV and seem very focused on it. Kate gets excited by the "tiny people running back and forth," and goes up to watch the TV. Pal thinks that Kate has been hypnotized by the soccer game, and Killer and Amigo come up with a plan to "break the spell" placed on Kate. The dogs run up and lick the faces of the patrons, which gets Kate's attention for a little bit. She is then distracted again by the soccer team mascot on TV. Behind the sofa, Killer comes up with a plan to "attack."

D.W. cheers some more, and then Pal, Killer, and Amigo run up to the TV and start barking loudly at it. They get taken to the kitchen, behind the dog gate, although Pal gets an idea when he sees Arthur and D.W. tussling over the remote control. Pal mentions the remote control, and says that they can break the spell with it. The dogs go out the pet door, and into the front yard. Pal climbs on Amigo and jumps, ringing the doorbell. David goes to answer the door, causing Pal, Killer, and Amigo to run in and go to the living room. Ramón sees Alberto on TV and tries to take a picture of him. However, Killer steals the remote and changes the channel, causing him to get a picture of the weather forecast instead. The dogs go under the kitchen table, and Killer calls out Pal for eating their nachos, which he claims is "creating a diversion." Amigo goes to look for a place to hide the TV remote, but Vicita, Ramón, and David catch him and send him, along with Killer and Pal outside, locking the pet door.

Pal looks through the window and directs Kate's attention. Arthur notices that a storm is coming, and chooses to let the dogs in. The power goes out, and David goes to shut the window, unplugging the TV in the process. The power comes back on, and D.W. tries to turn on the TV, not realizing that it was unplugged. Pal goes to Kate, who comments that she "feels as if she's waken up from a long, strange dream." Amigo observes that everyone looks miserable, and Pal wonders if the cord has anything to do with it. Kate gives Pal permission to turn the TV back on and promises that she won't watch it. Pal barks, which directs Arthur's attention, and he plugs in the TV. Kate comments that watching everyone cheer is more entertaining than watching the game and Pal agrees with her.






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  • When David Read is picking up Pal to put him in the kitchen, he suddenly has Killer in his hands.

Production notes

  • This is the first episode where Kate reads the title card.





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