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Jack's Joke Shop
Jack's Joke Shop
Location Elwood City
Type Public
Sells Pranks, jokes, gag items, card tricks
Administrator Jack
First appearance "Arthur and the Real Mr. Ratburn"

Jack's Joke Shop is a store in Elwood City that sells prank and gag items such as whoopee cushions and fake piles of vomit. It is located next to the Ice Cream Shop. In "Buster's Sweet Success", Buster begins working there to pay the band back for the chocolate he ate that he was supposed to sell because Jack, the owner, is a longtime supporter of the school band. Buster, with his bad chocolate recipe, sells them at the store and names them Buster Clusters. The store is also called "Bill's Joke Shop", an example of this can be seen in "How the Cookie Crumbles" on a snake float during the parade. "Jack's Joke Shop" is a reference to Jack's Joke Shop on Tremont Street, Boston - of which closed down in 2008.

Items Sold[]

A complete list of items sold at Jack's Joke Shop:

  • Whoopee cushions
  • Sneezing powder
  • Squirting flowers
  • Rubber snakes
  • Party horns
  • Fake mustaches
  • Stink bombs
  • Fake vomit
  • Fake flies
  • Fake ice
  • Buster Clusters
  • Hair removal formula (Known as: “No-Gain”)
  • Chattering teeth
  • Wearable spiders


In Buster's Sweet Success, Buster was watching a Jack's Joke Shop commercial that went like this:

And when you come to Jack's Joke Shop, you'll get a free sample! How about a rubber snake? An eye that's fake? Some sneezing powder? A squirting flower! Or take them all, I'm giving them away! Crazy you say? You're right it's crazy but once you try my gags I know you'll be back for moooooooree!