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Jack Weasel

Jack Weasel
Appearance from season 1 to 6

Appearance in "Citizen Frensky" (season 6)


Appearance in season 11, and since season 16

4th Grade Male Rat 1

Grade 4th
Gender Male
Animal Weasel
Hair color Brown (most episodes)
Blond ("Citizen Frensky")
Complexion Brown (s1)
Brownish-beige (s6)
Beige (s10; s12)
Orange (s11; s16-present)
Residence Elwood City
Cartoon debut "So Long, Spanky"
Voiced by Daniel Brochu (season 1)

Jack Weasel[1] is a fourth grader who attends Lakewood Elementary School. He is often seen around many places in Elwood City.

Jack spoke in the episode "So Long, Spanky" where he was at the pet store that was going to feed the Boa Constrictor. He's been seen with Norman many times and it's possible they are best friends. He spoke again in "Best Wishes".

Physical appearance[]

Jack Weasel is a weasel with a light gray complexion. He wears a yellow shirt with blue stripes, blue jeans, and green and white sneakers.

Jack originally wore a yellow shirt with a single red stripe in the middle, long brown jeans, and red and white sneakers. His skin color was slightly dark brown.

In the episode "Buster's Special Delivery" he is seen wearing a blue shirt with yellow stripes, and black jeans, and most likely the same green and white colored sneakers. He has a brown Mohawk and has whiskers. As a kindergartner he wore a blue shirt with a red spot in the middle, long khakis, and tanned shoes. He wears a yellow sweater during Autumn.



  • This character's fur color and clothing colors have changed numerous times throughout the series.
  • Jack is in the same fourth grade class as Prunella.


"They're about to feed the boa constrictor. It eats bird eggs whole."
– Jack Weasel to Arthur Read, "So Long, Spanky"

"Would you wish on my rabbit's foot?"
– Jack Weasel to George Lundgren, "Best Wishes"

"Then he wrecked the bowling alley with his bare hands."
– Jack Weasel to Mary, "Arthur's Big Meltdown"

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