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Jacob Katzenellenbogan
Jacob Katzenellenbogan
Gender Male
Animal Aardvark
Hair color Light gray
Residence Elwood City
Family Alfred Katzenellenbogan (great-nephew)
Job Lumber tycoon
Cartoon debut "Elwood City Turns 100!"
Voiced by Rick Jones

Jacob Katzenellenbogan (pronounced kat-za-nehlen-bōgen) was a wealthy lumber magnate and the founder of Elwood City. He is a purely fictional historical figure and is unknown to be based on an actual historical figure.

He hired Francis Wheaton as the architect to design a mill that would drive the logging industry and start a logging town.

Though he founded the city, he was upset over the name, as he wanted the town to be named Elmwood City, not Elwood City. The monument dedicated to him spells his name with only one "l". Elwood City Katzenelenbogan Airport is also named after him, as is the Katzenellenbogan River.

In "Arthur and the Haunted Treehouse", Muffy and Bailey seek shelter from a thunderstorm under Katzenellenbogan's elaborate, roofed-over tomb. On the tomb, the name is spelled "-en".

"Katzenellenbogen" (note the spelling) is German for "cat's elbow". The word has no particular meaning. The surname may be derived from the town of Katzenelnbogen in the Rhineland, Germany.