"Jacob Katzenellenbogan (song)" is not an official name.
This article is about the song. You may be looking for the character.
Jacob Katzenellenbogan (song)
Elwood City Turns 100 169
Ending of the song, with Brain (center) as Jacob Katzenellenbogan
Artist Binky, Brain, George, Jenna, Sue Ellen (singers)
Played in "Elwood City Turns 100!"

"Jacob Katzenellenbogan" is a song in "Elwood City Turns 100!" about the person of the same name.


All: The valley all around us was nothin' but wood
The trees were ripe for cuttin'
The timber was good
To chop, to stump and stub, a man known as Jacob...
Katzenellenbogan, a lumber tycoon
Built a busy sawmill beside a lagoon
Soon wood chips filled the air and got in people's hair
Axes gleamed, horses teemed
Chop, chop, chop, timber!
Jacob Katzenellenbogan
Founded Elwood...
Founded Elwood...
Elwood City...
Elwood City.
Jacob Katzenellenbogan: So I went a-hikin' to find a good spot
A place to build a mansion
A heavenly plot...
All: Houses multiplied...
Jacob Katzenellenbogan
Founded Elwood, founded Elwood
Elwood City, Elwood City
Jacob Katzenellenbogan!

Jacob Katzenellenbogan: But I wanted it to be called Elmwood!
Darn bureaucracy.


"Jacob Katzenellenbogan"

"Jacob Katzenellenbogan"

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