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Jason Szwimer (sometimes incorrectly credited as Jason Szwimmer[1]) was the voice actor for Arthur born in 20th December 1991 in Montreal, Quebec. After Oliver Grainger ended voicing D.W. Read, Szwimer took his place for the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth seasons. In addition he was replaced by Robert Naylor, who was the character's next voice actor, starting with the eleventh season.

Szwimer is the host of the 2021 podcast Finding D.W., where he interviews the other actors who have voiced D.W. over the years.


In 2002, Szwimmer's mom was driving home, stuck in traffic as usual. She had the radio tuned in to CJAD-800, and they played an ad for an open casting call for a cartoon. They were looking for 10 year old boys and didn’t say what show or what capacity, but it sounded like a fun adventure. His mom got home, but Szwimmer was not there. He was at his neighbor's house playing video games. She called him home cutting his play date short. She handed him a landline phone and a Berenstain Bears book. They want him to say his name and read part of the book, and he did. They liked what they heard from him. So they called him in for an in person audition. They walk into what looked like an old Victorian home and the inside is set up like a recording studio. They walk into a small recording booth complete with big radio headphones and a stand in front of the microphone with a script on it. In front of him, separated by a glass window, he could see a room with about three producery types. They had him do a read of the lines and then one of the voices came on over his headphones. They almost sounded exactly alike, and they asked if he could match that, and he said he could. He was back in the hall with his mom and they were walking out the door. One of the producery guys catches up to Szwimmer's mom and asked if he had an agent. She asks if he means he has the part. And he says yes. Soon afterwards, scripts started arriving in the mail. And he started voicing D.W.

Voices On Arthur[]

  • D.W Read (Seasons 7-10)
  • James (Arthur's Perfect Christmas)

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