Kaylie Lamott
Gender Female
Animal Cat
Hair color Dark brown
Residence Lamotts' house, Elwood City (formerly)
Family Mrs. Lamott (mother)
Unnamed uncle
Cartoon debut "Shelter from the Storm"
Voiced by Caitlynne Medrek

Kaylie Lamott is a girl who was evacuated to a shelter because of Hurricane Sadie.

Kaylie had come to be known informally as the "mayor" of the shelter due to her outgoing personality and her friendliness to the other residents. She met Muffy Crosswire, who was also staying at the shelter due to the flooding of the Crosswire Estate, and the two became fast friends. Muffy joined Kaylie and Kaylie's mother, Mrs. Lamott, when they visited their home for the first time following the hurricane. They were shocked to learn it had been almost completely destroyed. Muffy, feeling really bad for her, offered to let Kaylie and her mom live with her family at the Crosswire Estate. Kaylie, though certainly touched by the offer, politely declined the offer, explaining that she and her mom had already made the decision to live with Kaylie's uncle (who lives all the way down in Florida) prior to the storm. Before leaving, however, Kaylie enjoyed a treat with her new friend at the reopening of the repaired Ice Cream Shop. She had also adopted a dog who had been displaced from the storm.



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