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This article is about Keith, the preschooler. You may be looking for Keith, the artist or Keith Powers, Brain's uncle.
Grade Preschool
Gender Male
Animal Cat
Hair color Orange
Complexion Cream
Residence Kalamazoo (formerly),
Elwood City
Cartoon debut "In My Africa"

Keith is a new student at Elwood City Preschool. He is from Kalamazoo, and he first came to the preschool in Elwood City shortly after Cheikh did.

Physical appearance[]

Keith is a cat with a cream complexion who wore a solid dark green shirt, long black jeans, and red and white sneakers. He has a yellow backpack and has freckles on his face. He also has long brown hair.



Behind the scenes[]

  • Keith is from Kalamazoo, which in reality is an actual place located in the state of Michigan. This makes Keith one of the few non-Postcards from Buster characters to come from a place in the real world.
  • He looks similar to a student at Estabrook.
  • He is a self portrait of character designer Richard Morris.[1]


  1. Morris, Rich (May 15, 2019). This little cat-guy is a self portrait I designed. Tumblr. “This little cat-guy is a self portrait I designed for Arthur back in the early 90′s when I was a character designer for the show. He appears in “The Big Blow-Up” as a soccer player playing opposite Arthur and his friends. He later appeared in several crowd scenes at concerts and plays and shows and things… and I believe after I left the series he even got a speaking part as a ‘villain’ in one episode.”