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This article is about Keith, the professor. You may be looking for Keith, the preschooler or Keith, the artist.
Keith Powers
Keith Powers
Gender Male
Animal Bear
Hair color Very brown
Complexion Brilliant orange
Family Mr. Powers (brother)
Alan Powers (nephew)
Mrs. Powers (sister-in-law)
Alan (father or father-in-law)
Brain's grandmother (mother or mother-in-law)
Cartoon debut "When Carl Met George"

Professor Keith Powers is Brain's uncle. He has a form of autism once known as Asperger Syndrome, and he explained to Brain what it is like . Brain then explained it to George to help him better understand his new friend Carl, who also has the condition. Keith is able to function well in the world, and he is a physics scientist who has won awards such as the Crown City Physics Prize, as reported by the Elwood City Times on November 23, 2005.