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Character Modelsheets and Storyboards

Character Storyboard and Concepts.JPG

Alternate Apparel

Camp Activities.JPG
The Pride of Lakewood 4.JPG

Season 1

Arthur Writes a Story

Kenny and Luke.JPG

Season 3

Arthur Rides the Bandwagon

Arthur Rides the Bandwagon 31.jpg
Arthur Rides the Bandwagon 129.jpg
Arthur Rides the Bandwagon 131.jpg

Dad's Dessert Dilemma

DDD 97.jpg
DDD 100.jpg
DDD 101.jpg

Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival

Minor Characters.JPG

Season 5

The Lousy Week

The Lousy Week 42.jpg
The Lousy Week 64.jpg
The Lousy Week 92.jpg

Season 6

Prunella's Special Edition


Season 7

April 9th

Kenny April9th.jpg

Season 8


Vomitrocious 20.JPG
Vomitrocious 25.JPG
Vomitrocious 37.JPG
Vomitrocious 38.JPG
Vomitrocious 39.JPG
Vomitrocious 40.JPG
Vomitrocious 44.JPG
Vomitrocious 64.JPG

Season 9

A is for Angry

Aisforangry - the crowd approves.jpg
The Hallway A.JPG


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