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The Kidonians salute their flag
Location The Tree House and a small area of the surrounding land
Type Former micronation
Administrator Arthur (formerly)
Residents Arthur (formerly)
Brain (formerly)
Buster (formerly)
Francine (formerly)
First appearance "Kidonia"

Kidonia was a Micronation founded by Arthur, Francine, Brain, and Buster as a child-exclusive place. It is currently dissolved and the land has been reverted to the Tree House.


After tired of chores, Arthur and the gang decided to make a country for children.


All of the residents moved away to their homes due to the following:

  • Francine left due to Buster's socks "stinking up the whole country"
  • The Brain left jealousy due to the mind reading contest
  • Buster left due to a new rule (Everything that is on the floor should be cleaned up to be exact)  
  • Arthur left due to Kidonia being deserted 


Oh dear Kidonia,
I pledge my loyalty,
Where kids have broke the chains
of parental tyranny.
Where chores are no more,
and fun is guaranteed, 
All hail Kidonia,
land where kids are free!


  • The Latin motto, "Ludus, Ludus, Ludus" translates to "Game, Game, Game" or "School, School, School".
  • Like most countries, Kidonia has a passport.
  • They also have their own currency.
  • If Kidonia would have still existed, their ccTLD would possibly be .kd
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