Kodo from the Crab Nebula

Kodo from the crab nebula

Kodo disguise

Gender Female
Animal Alien (real)
Rabbit (disguise)
Hair color Blonde
Complexion Green (real)
White (disguise)
Cartoon debut "Bitzi's Beau"

Kodo from the Crab Nebula is an evil, fictional alien that eats humans. She is an enemy of Bionic Bunny.

She tricked Bionic Bunny to thinking that she was a little girl with a splinter, but he saw through the disguise when she shed green teardrops. Bionic Bunny used his Alien Detector on her, and it confirmed that she was an alien. She changed form and proceeded to fight Bionic Bunny in an unknown way offscreen.

She later appeared in Buster's dream. She sent down elephant nosed Horseshoe in disguise as a human so he could teleport up Buster and his mother for Kodo to eat.

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