Krummy Kritters Kreepy Kastle
Krummy kastle.jpg
Item Type

Electronic Playset


Tibble Twins (formerly)
Binky Barnes (current owner)

First Appeared (cartoon)

"A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Tibble"

The Krummy Kritters Kreepy Kastle is a toy that Timmy and Tommy Tibble wanted. The house included 5 Crummy Critters and 3 Slug Puppies. The Tibbles claimed the toy was "educational," because it taught counting.

Once they both raised enough money to buy it by selling their artwork to people, they purchased it. It didn't work because it needed batteries. Their grandma, Mrs. Tibble recalled "Eight 12-volt double E's."

In the end, the Tibble twins sold the toy to Binky Barnes for $10.

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