Gender Female
Animal Rabbit
Hair color Red
Cartoon debut "Fern and the Case of the Stolen Story"
Voiced by Krystal Meadows
Ladella is a character in one of Ladonna's fictional stories. Ferg stole her stories until she caught her.

She is a peach-coloured rabbit with long, red hair which she wears down and it has a bit of a wave to it. Her outfit consists of a blue hair bow and a matching dress with puffy sleeves and white trim, and a gold piece of jewelry at the top. She also has a Southern American accent.

Ladella's story was pretty short, so there's not much to say about her but she lives in a mansion with a red chair and several portraits on the walls, which themselves have red patterned wallpaper. She's also in possession of a large blue book with a title that says simply "Stories", which is very valuable to her.

Her mansion has a remote-controlled roller door as well.

It is also revealed that Ladella, like Ladonna, also has an uncle called Silas who has a parrot. This parrot came from a mall's pet store.

The story where Ladella is from is titled Ferg.

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