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Ladonna Compson
Age 8[1]
9 ("Shelter from the Storm")
Grade 3rd
Gender Female
Animal Rabbit
Birthday June[2]
Hair color Moderate scarlet[3]
Complexion Light orange[3]
Favorite color Gator green[1]
Residence Compson family's house, Louisiana (formerly)
Compson family's house, Elwood City
Family Rufus Compson (father)
Cisely Compson (mother)
Gussie Compson (older brother)
Madison Compson (older sister)
Bud Compson (younger brother)
Bo (aunt)
Whitney (uncle)
Mable (aunt)
Silas (uncle)
Lena (great-grandmother)
Cartoon debut "Based on a True Story"
Voiced by Krystal Meadows

Ladonna Compson is a girl from New Orleans,[4] Louisiana who moved to Elwood City. She was a third grader in Mr. Ratburn's class before she and her family moved to Oregon. She tells many interesting stories about her family.


Life in Louisiana

Before Ladonna came to Elwood City, she lived in Louisiana. She states that she "once caught a crab as big as a pizza". "Based on a True Story" At her old school, she took a public speaking class and was pretty good at it. "Speak Up, Francine!" Once while playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey at her neighbors' house, she walked blindfolded out the front door and pinned the tail on a real donkey owned by her neighbors. Luckily for her, it was not a real pin. "Waiting for Snow" Due to a tuna sandwich in her pocket (which she had forgotten about, since her jacket smelled funny anyway), she once found a cat that had been lost for seven weeks. "Pets and Pests"

Elwood City

Ladonna and her family drove for 16 hours on their move to Elwood City. She met Arthur and D.W. when they visited her new house, which is four houses down the block from theirs. She quickly became friends with her classmates due to her storytelling ability, and everyone wanted to hang out with her. Eventually, she ran out of stories to tell and was caught when she made up one. After showing Arthur the details of a recent true story, she was able to regain her friends' trust. "Based on a True Story"

Ladonna helped Bud and D.W. understand the court system through a comic she was reading: Habeas Canine: Legal Beagle. She later served on the jury at the court trial of Compson vs. Tibble. "Read and Flumberghast"

She later visited the Sugar Bowl "Buster's Book Battle" and watched the school's annual Arithmattack competition. "Brain's Biggest Blunder"

When Fern couldn't think of any new ideas for Muffy's Fiction Forum, Ladonna told her stories about her Aunt Mable and Uncle Silas. Fern copied the plots and changed the names, upsetting Ladonna. In response, Ladonna wrote a story about "Ferg" stealing "Ladella's" stories, which made Fern realize her wrongdoing. "Fern and the Case of the Stolen Story" The two have since made up.

Muffy invited Ladonna to her house for a potluck when Francine was attempting to be a vegetarian. While she did not technically bring meat, per Muffy's orders, Ladonna did bring a dish of collard greens which had been simmered in duck fat for 3 hours. She left in a hurry to "finish a book report". "Sue Ellen Vegges Out"

She attended The Wiegel-Bandolik Dog Show with her mother. "Show Off"

She and Arthur teamed up to make a shoebox diorama based on the expeditions of Annie Smith Peck. Ladonna convinced Bud and D.W. to explore the Reads' backyard so the two could leave their older siblings alone to work on the project, but her plan backfired when D.W. and Bud decided to camp overnight in the backyard. Due to becoming hooked on a TV show, Ladonna accidentally left Bud and D.W. unattended for most of the evening. Fortunately, they were still safe and sound when she and Arthur checked on them. "Adventures in Budylon"

In the fall, Ladonna planned to make a Gourd Person, pick apples, bake a pie, and rake leaves, all on the same day. Unfortunately, she had planned too many things at once and messed up most of her goals. The following day, she decided to ignore any previously scheduled events so she could take a walk with Arthur. "Ladonna Compson: Party Animal"

Around Earth Day, she helped train Francine to give a public speech. Eventually, she instead agreed to read Francine's speech for her. However, the papers were lost and Ladonna had not memorized the speech herself, so Francine presented her speech after all. "Speak Up, Francine!"

Near the end of winter, Ladonna bought skis and a sled in anticipation of a blizzard and lots of snow. However, there was not enough snow to cover the ground. Arthur and Buster tried to cheer her up with fake snow made of soap bubbles, but she saw through the trick right away. Though she appreciated the effort, it just was not the same. She checked the weather on the internet and found it to be sunny for the next week. At long last, there was plenty of snow one day. Ladonna skied, sledded, and made snow angels. "Waiting for Snow"

When the Read family was dealing with a wild mouse loose in their house, Ladonna visited to show Arthur her pet albino rat, General Higgins. Seeing the general made D.W. change her mind about rodents. "Pets and Pests"

When she, Muffy, and Binky found a kite in the park, they took turns using it. "Go Fly a Kite"

Ladonna and Bud went with Arthur, D.W., and Mr. Read to Wonder World to ride the new roller coaster, The Buzzard. "D.W. & Bud's Higher Purpose"

In January, Binky swiped Ladonna's pudding and gave it to George. She did not seem to notice it was gone. "Best Wishes"

Ladonna had a solo in a school play, singing "Alice Blue Gown". She borrowed a fancy dress from Muffy for the musical but stained it with paint before she could use it. She wore a hand-me-down dress from home instead. "Messy Dress Mess"

When Hurricane Sadie caused the river to flood, Ladonna was concerned that her father would not be home in time for her birthday. He was able to make it to her surprise party after all. "Shelter from the Storm"

Ladonna, along with Arthur and Buster, speculated about Mr. Ratburn being a superhero. "Mr. Ratburn's Secret Identity"

When D.W. lost Larry, the preschool class pet, Ladonna helped her find him. "Bunny Trouble"

Ladonna helped Bud learn to tie his shoes. "Bud's Knotty Problem"

Buster traded his pudding to Ladonna for an apple. Ladonna was given a "point" by George for breaking the "no trading food" rule. "The Hallway Minotaur"

Ladonna made a list to see how many of her classmates liked her. She was able to confirm everyone on her list in one day, except for George. She had trouble getting him to like her, even after she wrote a song and did a dance for him. George felt offended that Ladonna only paid attention to him so she could cross his name off of a list. Ladonna apologizes to George, and they talk the puppet she made at school. "Ladonna's Like List"

When a Mighty Mountain student named Danny moved to Elwood City, Ladonna became friends with him. Francine suspected that Ladonna was telling Danny secret soccer-related information, and spied on her for proof. "Francine & the Soccer Spy"

In a video, Ladonna said that her favorite thing about the library is the book club. "Sue Ellen & the Last Page"

During a bake sale at school, Ladonna suggested that they sell New Orleans beignets, which ended up being very popular. "Muffy Misses Out"

Along with Sue Ellen, Ladonna taught Arthur who John Lewis is. "Arthur Takes a Stand"

When Bud lost Rapty, Ladonna lent him her imaginary friend, Platy. "The Lost Dinosaur"

Physical appearance

Ladonna Compson is a rabbit with a tan complexion and auburn hair. She wears an olive green shirt, long blue jeans, and white sneakers. She is one of the tallest of her classmates.

Alternate apparel

For the winter, she wears an orange winter jacket with black buttons and white lining and has a purple lined green, yellow and purple snow hat with a pair of purple and green snow gloves and a pair of black boots with white buckles.

Also, she wears a frilly light purple long-sleeved ankle-length nightgown to bed.

When she imagined herself making a Gourd Person, Ladonna wore a white lab coat and safety goggles over her normal clothes.


Ladonna is very outgoing, extroverted and adventurous, and she loves to tell stories. She likes to take walks and explore Elwood City, although she's only been there for a short amount of time. However, she sometimes lacks confidence and doesn't think she's exciting or interesting, which caused her to lie about some parts of her life in Louisiana. She loves exploring in the woods. Sometimes when she becomes overexcited, she makes a high-pitched screech.[5]

Favorite foods

She loves cake; her favorite is king cake. She eats so much that her father sometimes calls her a "garbage disposal with legs". She can't stand beets, however; even the sight of beets upsets her stomach.



Ladonna gets along with most of the kids at Lakewood Elementary, even the Tough Customers, but many of her friends ignore her after she lies about her life, like the bear story. However, Arthur managed to get them to accept her. In "Ladonna's Like List", she shows that every one of her classmates is friends with her.




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As illustrated by Marc Brown


  • Ladonna never appears in the Arthur Adventure books, but she was illustrated by Marc Brown for the book "Believe in Yourself: What We Learned from Arthur." Her name is spelled "LaDonna," probably in error as this specific capitalization has never been used before.
  • Ladonna and her family move from Elwood City to Oregon in "When Duty Calls" but she continues to make appearances in Elwood City in subsequent episodes. It is implied that these episodes take place chronologically before the move to Oregon, despite the original airdates being out of order.


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