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"The Lakewood Elementary Eco Kids"
Eco Kids.png
Residence Elwood City
Job Environmental Group
Cartoon debut "Muffy's Car Campaign"

The Lakewood Elementary Eco Kids (or simply just The Eco Kids) is an environmental group started by Francine Frensky in the episode "Muffy's Car Campaign." Francine decides to create the group after Mrs. MacGrady tells her and her friends about the affects of air pollution on the environment. Francine urges her friends to immediately do something to save the planet.


Name Dispute

Francine first announces that their group name will be The Lakewood Elementary Eco Kids at their first meeting. The meeting included all the members and took place in front of the school. At this meeting Buster comes up with the name The Eco Ninjas, and Arthur then suggest the Eco Squad. Many of the members like Arthur's suggestion, but Francine reminds the members that it doesn't matter what they are called, and it only matters what they do. Later in the episode Binky comes up with the name The Eco Compadres.

Turn Your Engine off Campaign

During the first meeting of the Eco Kids, Muffy suggests that the team started a campaign to cut down on air pollution by telling parents to turn their engine off when their car is idle. They get this idea from Buster's absurd idea of having cars that run on seltzer. Brain then does some research into this subject and tells the group "for every 10 minutes a car idles, a pound of carbon goes into the air." Binky then comes up with the slogan "Don't Make Us Cough, Turn Your Engine Off."

Eco Kids 001.png

For the campaign the team starts making flyer to hand out to the parents, as well as bumper stickers. Buster then gets permission from Ms. Tingley to put up a permanent sign in the school parking lot reminding adults to turn off their cars engine when in idle. Buster originally wanted the sign to be 20 feet high with purple flashing lights, but the school said that it would be too distracting and cause accidents.

Bus Campaign

Francine then comes up with a campaign to get more busses for the school so people who lived too far away to bike and were forced to drive could take them. The group then makes petitions for the parents to sign to get more busses for the school, and Brain makes more pamphlets to hand out when they do this. Muffy is assigned to talk to Ms. Tingley about their campaign but doesn't because she is afraid that her father's business will be hurt by the campaign.

Muffy's dad then hears about this and donates three electric school busses to the school with support from the Mallard Car Company.


  • Francine, Muffy, Arthur and Buster are also environmental activists in the episode "Speak Up, Francine!"
  • Buster's idea of seltzer cars contradicts the mission of the Eco Kids to cut down pollution. This is because seltzer comes in plastic bottles, which are made of petroleum and are a big factor towards pollution.