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Lakewood Elementary School
Lakewood Elementary School
Location Elwood City
Type Public Elementary School
Administrator Francis Haney (Principal, s1-s20)

Cecilia Tingley (Interim Principal, s20-s25)

Staff At least 17
Number of students 100+
Number of rooms At least 15
First appearance Arthur's Eyes

Lakewood Elementary School is a public elementary school in Elwood City which was founded in the 1950s.[1] It is one of the fifteen schools in the city.[2]


Lakewood Elementary School appears to be a kindergarten to fifth grade school that includes hallways, offices, classrooms, a cafeteria/auditorium, gymnasium, restrooms, and other various maintenance rooms and other areas that are typically found in elementary schools. There is notably no school library, except for a small computer/library room which is donated by Ed Crosswire.[3] The teacher's lounge is generally off-limits to students, but it is stocked with snacks, coffee, magazines and a television and is furnished with comfortable seating for teachers and staff.

Mr. Ratburn's classroom appears to be typical of many other classrooms in the school. Four desks are arranged in pods, with as many as four desk pods in a single classroom. Other classrooms have the desks separated. The surrounding walls are covered with bulletin boards, chalkboards, and a world map, with large windows on the exterior walls.

Both the boys' bathrooms and the girls' bathrooms have counter sinks and toilet stalls while the boys' bathroom also has urinals. The exterior grounds include a playground and a baseball field. There are also bicycle racks immediately in front of the building for students who ride their bikes to the school.

In the early books, the interior of the school was shown most often, but the exterior was shown occasionally. The front doors of the school were originally located to the far right and had a half-circle window over the doors. In the cartoon and later books, the school was redesigned, and the front doors were moved to the very center and had a canopy right in front of the doors.










Teachers with known grade levels are listed below.

K 1 2 3 4 5
Arthur's Kindergarten Year Mrs. Robertson[4]
Arthur's 1st Grade Year Ms. Yollanda[5]
Arthur's 2nd Grade Year Mr. Marco[6][7] Mr. Ratburn[8]
Arthur's 3rd Grade Year Mrs. Robertson[4]

Kindergarten Teacher[9]

Mr. Ratburn[8]

Miss Sweetwater[8]

Mrs. Fink[8]

Mrs. Frumpus[10]
Arthur's 4th Grade Year Ms. Velez[3] Miss Sweetwater[3] Mr. Cramp[10] Mr. Ratburn[10][3]

Mrs. Grimslid[10][3]

Mr. Marco[3]

Note: Mr. Rambacher is an eighth grade teacher[11], but it is unclear if he works at Lakewood, being an elementary school.

Substitute Teachers


The students below are grouped into their grade levels during Arthur's third grade year (i.e., prior to "Arthur's First Day") unless noted otherwise.


The following students have only attended kindergarten at Lakewood in "Arthur's First Day."

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

The following students are only known to have attended fourth grade at Lakewood in "Arthur's First Day."

Students in Unknown Grades

Unidentified Students

In "Arthur's Number Nightmare" a seating chart for each class of the school is seen. It reveals unnamed characters whose names are below. Their grades are also unknown. Note that none of these characters are in Mr. Ratburn's class. The name Frances appears in the episode, "Castles in the Sky." It appeared on a posted note underneath a bowl of oranges. The note said "Vote Frances for Student Council" The name Frances appeared prior to the episode "Arthur's Number Nightmare." A few more names were revealed in the episode, "Grandma Thora Appreciation Day."

There are numerous other named students as seen on the class lists from "Arthur's First Day;" however, many of these names are production staff for the TV series. It is unknown if they are actually tied to an existing background character model.


Lakewood competes in at least six interscholastic sports.

They might have a Football team because in "Arthur's Baby" Arthur, Binky and other characters are playing. It appears that Mr. Marco is their coach. The students also compete in a bowling tournament against Mighty Mountain in "Francine's Split Decision". They have even played Jai Alai against Mighty Mountain (mentioned in "Francine's Split Decision").


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Lakewood Elementary has hosted many events and festivals.


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Lakewood Elementary occasionally holds contests to allow students to show off their abilities. Sometimes, these contests advance students to a greater level of competition, such as the checkers competition in "A is for Angry."


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  • Lakewood Elementary School is named for an actual elementary school that Marc Brown had attended as a kid, as said in a readingrockets interview.[18]
  • Classes start at 9:00 AM, and in early seasons are released at 3:00 PM,[19] though in later seasons the dismissal time is changed to near 3:30 PM.[citation needed]
  • The school year runs from September[citation needed] to June.[20]
  • The exterior of Lakewood Elementary school is based on the school St. Hubert Elementary in Windsor, Ontario crossed with a school in Montreal near the old Cinar Studio.[21]
  • A school counselor is mentioned by Mr. Haney in "April 9th," but on many occasions, Mrs. MacGrady seems to fill this role, whether officially or unofficially. Mrs. MacGrady is notably overworked and "shorthanded" in the kitchen,[22] implying that small existing cafeteria staff is either unseen, or new workers are hired by Ms. Tingley at a later point.
  • Another extra curricular assignment is to sort mail at the main office.[23]
  • In "April 9th," the school has a fire due to faulty wiring. As a result, everyone has to go to Mighty Mountain School temporarily, while the school is repaired and renovated.