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Lakewood Elementary Soccer Team

Head Coach

Ed Crosswire

Team Captains

Alan Powers and Francine Frensky

Home Stadium

Lakewood Soccer Field

Largest Win (mentioned)

2-0 vs Mighty Mountain

Largest Loss (mentioned)

0-6 vs Mighty Mountain


The Lakewood Elementary Soccer Team represents Lakewood Elementary School in Elwood City in soccer. The team's most skilled players seem to be Francine and Brain, because they are the team captains. Binky may also be rather talented, as in "Binky Rules," he seemed to have a good chance of making the school's "travel team."

Team Strategy[]

They seem to play in an odd formation, according to shots from The Big Blow-Up. They run what looks like a 17-6-4, which is rarely, if ever, used in real-life. Brain is also the closest forward to Francine, so that they can build up passes together and score goals.


Their first coach was either Coach Murphy or Trevor. In the seasons with them as coaches they lost almost every game and did not make it into the playoffs. In Muffy's Soccer Shocker Ed Crosswire becomes coach, and he also became the coach in the chapter book "Arthur and the Best Coach Ever".


They are unofficially known as "Lakewood Soccer". In "Arthur and the Best Coach Ever" (written by Stephen Krensky) the name of the team is the Lakewood Lightning and after Ed Crosswire became the coach they were known as the Crosswire Comets. However, in later books and episodes they have no official name.



The team's uniforms until Season 13.

The team's uniforms were blue with a darker blue circle on the right side and even darker blue sport shorts with a stripe on the side. But in Season 13, it was changed to a green and yellow (picture above).

The "A" Team Chronology of Games[]

The chronology of the games seen in Arthur has never been revealed. The four episodes that include their soccer


The School Soccer Field, home of the Lakewood Elementary Soccer Team.

games, and they are Arthur's Dummy Disaster, Muffy's Soccer Shocker, Waiting To Go, The Big Blow-Up, The "A" Team, and Nicked by a Name. Ed Crosswire becomes coach in Muffy's Soccer Shocker and is shown as coach in The "A" Team and Waiting To Go, so we can assume that the games from the two later episodes came after the former. Before Muffy's Soccer Shocker, Trevor the head coach. In The Big Blow-Up, no coach is shown. Trevor probably wasn't their coach then because according to Arthur they always lost with him as a coach. In Arthur's Dummy Disaster, Francine recalls a game in a flashback from the past. We can then assume that the order of the episodes is Arthur's Dummy Disaster, Muffy's Soccer Shocker, The A-Team, Waiting To Go, The Big Blow-Up, Nicked by a Name if the team got better after The A-Team. The team plays games in the Spring, rather than the Winter.


In almost all episodes the team has appeared in their jerseys are sky blue. However, in The Pride of Lakewood they get new jerseys after having problems with the old ones. So after rallying, the team got new jerseys and its colors were changed to green & yellow. In the chapter book "Arthur and the Best Coach Ever" Ed Crosswire changed their jerseys.

Current Roster[]

Name Position Jersey Number
Sue Ellen Armstrong Defender 6
Binky Barnes Goalkeeper and Forward 1/10
Buster Baxter Forward 2
Muffy Crosswire Goalkeeper 1
Prunella Deegan Unknown ?
Francine Frensky Forward 11
George Lundgren Defender and Goalkeeper 12
Jenna Morgan Midfielder 15/39
The Brain Forward and Goalkeeper 10/1
Arthur Read Forward and Goalkeeper 3
Fern Walters Midfielder 17
Male Aardvark Midfielder 7
Alex Davidson Midfielder 9
Maria Pappas Midfielder 14
Cindy Charlebois Defender 22
3rd Grade Male Rat Forward 13
Edith Bycenko Goalkeeper 1
Jessica (3rd grader) Midfielder 5
Paul Jacobs Forward 20
Loss 6-0(1)
Tie 3-3(2)
Win 4-3(3)
Loss *
Loss *(4)
Loss 3-1(5)
Loss 1-0
Loss *
Win 2-0(6)
Win 4-3(7)
Win 3-2
Loss 2-1
Loss 5-2
Win 7-4
Win 11-3
Win 6-1
Win 3-0
Win 4-2
Win 1-0
Win 6-3
Win 3-1
Win 5-0
Win 2-1
Win 7-6
Win 11-10
Win 5-0
  • Outcome determined but score never mentioned.
  • 1- Team was coached by Trevor
  • 2- This is the only episode where Muffy plays a game.
  • 3- Lakewood was without Francine or Brain this game.
  • 4- Against the Elwood City All-Stars.
  • 5- This game clinched the playoffs.