This article is about the character based on Lance Armstrong. You may be looking for the real Lance Armstrong or Vance Legstrong.
Lance Armstrong
Lance Armstrong
Gender Male
Animal Rabbit
Hair color Brown
Cartoon debut "Room to Ride"
Voiced by Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong is a bicyclist who has competed in and won the Tour de France 7 times.


Season 12

Lance helped Binky get a petition passed for bike lanes in Elwood City.

Season 13

He went biking with Francine, just like Binky; and told her his story about the days he had cancer and also cheered her up, while Mrs. MacGrady was diagnosed with cancer, since he had battled against cancer himself just like Mrs. MacGrady. He later joined her again with the other bikers who participated in the bike race.



Behind the scenes

In 2012, a doping scandal caused Armstrong to be stripped of his former victories. However, this is only in the real world. The fictional version of him has yet to be affected, but episodes featuring him are rarely seen on television since then.

Per his blacklisted status, he does not appear on the list of celebrity guests at the page for the Arthur TV show at the Marc Brown Studios website.


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