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Gender Male
Animal Dog
Complexion Yellow
Residence Princess Lemini's castle
Job Court jester
Cartoon debut "Mei Lin Takes a Stand"

Lap appears in Pepe's story in the episode "Mei Lin Takes a Stand". He is the jester and best friend of Princess Lemini.

Appearance & Personality

Lap is an alter ego of Pal, a yellow, non-humanised dog with a purple hat that has orange and red dangly bits with bells on the end and a magenta jumpsuit with a bell on the tail and toes of the shoes, which are lilac. The jumpsuit has a yellow frill and yellow and orange striped legs.

Like Pal, Lap is cheerful and a devoted friend.


Lap would amuse Princess Lemini by doing tricks like walking upright, something that no one in the kingdom did. The princess loved him best of all, so the jealous servant Meno turned him to stone. While the princess was looking for a cure, Meno used Lap as a scratching post. Eventually the princess returned and cured Lap.


  • His name Lap, not only is Pal spelt backwards, but it also means what dogs sit in and how dogs drink.
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