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The Lightbulb Costume appears in Francine Frensky, Superstar as a costume worn by Buster Baxter in the school play. The costume represents Thomas Edison's invention of the light bulb. It starts out with built-in air holes so Buster can breathe, but Francine tells Brain to cover the holes so the costume will be more accurate. Later on Buster is shown to be unable to breathe inside the costume, but when Brain insists it needs air holes, Francine says it's fine just as it is. When the others decide to teach Francine a lesson for being bossy, Brain has an idea to add a grate in the bulb so Buster can spray water at Francine with a squirt gun. After Francine reforms, the costume is changed to have air holes as originally designed.


Later in the series, in Arthur and D.W. Clean Up, it was in the junk piled up in Arthur's room. It is unknown how Arthur got the costume, but he also erroneously said that it was his own costume in the play.