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"Lisa's unknown relative" is not an official name.
Lisa's unknown relative
Lisa's unknown relative 60701.png
Gender Male
Animal Rodent
Complexion Gray
Family Lisa (unknown close family relationship)
John (unknown close family relationship)
Unknown Male Adult Rabbit (Number 2) (unknown family relationship)
Unknown Female Adult Bear (Number 3) (unknown family relationship)
Cartoon debut "Arthur Babysits"

Lisa's unknown relative is the unknown relative of Lisa and John. He cannot be the father of them because Unknown Male Adult Rabbit (Number 2) is, however he may be the old design but it is unlikely to be true. He may be an uncle or a cousin to them.



D.W. All Wet

He accompanies Miss Morgan and the preschoolers to the aquarium.

Arthur Babysits

He hangs on to a tree in the zoo in Arthur's fantasy.

Muffy's New Best Friend

He is seen with Lisa at the cinema box office in Muffy's New Best Friend.

Arthur Loses His Marbles

He is seen playing Bingo in the introduction and turnes around to stare at Thora Read when she is being loud about her victory.

Pet Projects

He works as Capri di Vapida's assistant, helping her to get words right.


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