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Every episode of Arthur has a title card which displays the title, the name(s) of the writer and storyboard artist, and a short animation encompassed within a center circle. Season 1 originally used six different title cards, but later seasons introduced more. With the exception of early versions of Season 1 episodes, the episode title is spoken aloud by either Binky, Buster, Francine, D.W., Muffy, Brain, George, Sue Ellen, Ladonna, and Arthur. The title card occurs 0:40 - 2:15 minutes into the episode. After Season 1, the typeface for episode titles was modified and have double-story lowercase "a"'s instead of single-story ones. The title names were enlarged starting with Season 10. The title cards were replaced with a scene from the episode, making them all unique, starting with Season 16 in the United States and Season 14 internationally.

In the following list, each title card has a list of episodes that use it. The name in parentheses is the character who reads the title aloud.

Arthur Underwater

Arthur's Eyes title card.png

The center circle is full of water. We see fish swim by, but the fish, fins and tails are colored, followed by Pal, followed by Arthur. He says "Hi!" to the viewers and swims away. Sonar sounds are audible in the background.

This title card is usually used in episodes in which Arthur is the central character (or Pal, in early episodes). The first title card made for the series, it was the first out of the original six title cards to be made for Season 1. It was retired after Season 14 in the United States, and after Season 13 internationally.

In "Fern's Slumber Party", when Fern suggests that they should move on to the title card, she says "Maybe that swimming one", also breaking the fourth wall saying it.

Episodes used

Francine Hits a Gong

Francine's Bad Hair Day title card.png

In a parody of the Rank Group logo, Francine walks up and hits the center circle with a banging noise similar to a gong. This causes Arthur to yelp and begin shaking the instant he comes up.

This title card is commonly used for episodes in which Francine is the central character. This was the second title card of the original six made for Season 1. Out of all the title cards used, this one was shown the most (30 times), along with Arthur Looks for an Umbrella. This title card was used at least once per season for Seasons 1 through 14.

In Israel, this title card is used as the series title card, appearing at the end of the intro.

Episodes used

Buster Turns into a Lion

Arthur's Teacher Trouble title card.png

Buster walks into the circle, and roars (a parody of the MGM Lion logo). After he does, Arthur walks up beside him and laughs.

This title card is commonly used for episodes in which Buster, and/or Arthur is/are the central character(s). This was the third title card of the original six made for Season 1.

Episodes used

Arthur Looks for an Umbrella

Arthur's Spelling Trubble title card.png

Arthur does a Ta-da! pose, but it starts to rain. Arthur rummages through a rubber ducky, a spaghetti strainer, and a bike horn before finding an umbrella, which he promptly uses.

This title card is primarily used for episodes that involve some sort of minor (and sometimes scary) calamity and/or Arthur is the main character. This was the fourth title card of the original six made for Season 1. Out of all the title cards used, this one was shown the most (30 times) along with Francine Hits a Gong.

Episodes used

Arthur and Super Sister

D.W. All Wet title card.png

Arthur is in the title's central circle when D.W. dressed like a superhero, swoops in, causing Arthur to gasp as D.W. spins him around, and says "Ta-da!" as she lands. In Season 1, Bionic Bunny can be heard saying "Peskier than the's super sister!", "Faster and more annoying than the's super sister!", "More powerful than a's super sister! or "Faster than a speeding's super sister!", but these quotations were removed after Season 1.

This is another title card commonly used when episodes focus on D.W. and/or Arthur. This title card was the fifth out of the original six to be made for Season 1. It was retired after Season 13.

Episodes used

D.W. Chases Toady

D.W.'s Imaginary Friend title card.png

D.W.'s pet frog Toady is being chased by Pal, D.W. says "Wait! Come back!", Toady returns to D.W., who embraces her.

This is one of the title cards commonly used when episodes focus on D.W. and/or Arthur, especially with one of their pets. This was the last title card to be introduced out of the six that were made for Season 1.

Episodes used

Buster and the Giant Magnifying Glass


Buster is searching the sides of the center circle, then goes behind it and says "Hey!" as it magnifies his face.

Mostly used for episodes revolving around Buster. This title card was introduced in Season 3.

Episodes used

Hide and Seek

Desperately Seeking Stanly Intertitle.png

Arthur is seen sneaking away from the Central Circle's view just as D.W. passes in front of it looking for him. She looks for Arthur within the circle only for him to peek at her from behind unnoticed before hiding behind. D.W. gives up and says his name only for her side of the circle to rotate 180 degrees to show Arthur in Central Circle's view where he says "Shh!" to the audience.

This title card is usually used in episodes involving secrets and/or Arthur and D.W.. It was introduced in Season 2. This title card was retired after Season 14.

Episodes used

D.W. Interrupts Arthur's Bath

Arthur takes a bath

D.W. walks up to the center circle, looking for Arthur and opens the shower curtain. Arthur is behind the shower curtain, taking a bath and yells "Hey!" when he notices D.W. He is embarrassed and sinks lower into the bathtub. D.W. meekly says "Oops", when she finds out about her mistake. On some episodes, Arthur screams instead, while some other episodes have D.W. being silent. On at least one episode, D.W. screams back "IHH" after Arthur screams. In 2 Arthur episodes, Arthur calls D.W.'s name when he sinks into the tub.

This title card is usually used in episodes about embarrassing situations. It was introduced in Season 2. This title card was retired after Season 14.

Episodes used

The Hot-Air Balloon Ride

Hot Air Balloon

Arthur, Mr. Read, Buster, Francine and Muffy go up in a hot-air balloon, with the center circle being the balloon. Buster peeks down at the ground.

Used in episodes about groups of characters. Introduced in Season 5.

Episodes Used

Arthur Plays a Slot Machine

Arthur pulls down a lever and a picture of the center character appears. The only 4 characters seen for this title card are George, Muffy, Sue Ellen, and the Brain, whom there's only one for. A slot machine sound is heard when each section of the face appears. Arthur does a ta-da pose.

This title card was introduced in Season 5. The character fully shown in the slot machine is who the episode focuses on. This title card was used twice in the half-hour episode Do You Speak George?/World Girls, disregarding the difference in the character face shown.

Episodes used




The Election Title Card.png

Sue Ellen

Sue Ellen Gets Her Goose Cooked Title Card.png

The Brain

S14E01a Title Card.jpg

Brain Underwater

Brain Gets Hooked Title Card.png

Identical to Arthur Underwater, but Arthur is replaced by Brain, the fish are dark grey and Pal is darker. Also, unlike Arthur, Brain says "Hey!"

This title occurs when Brain is the central character. This title card was introduced in Season 3, and is most notably used during a fantasy sequence in "And Now Let's Talk to Some Kids". This title card was retired after Season 14.

Episodes used

The Gang Ruins Mother Hen's Birth


Arthur, Buster, Brain, Muffy, and Francine work together to break the egg they're in. The top half cracks open and Buster puts it on the side. Everybody looks at the viewer except Buster, who surveys the ground. A hen's claw then appears and clucks, and Arthur and his friends notice, gasp and clear the screen. However, when the title card ends, Brain and Muffy have not yet cleared the screen.

Mostly used for episodes involving many of the characters. This title card was first used in Season 5.

Episodes used

The Family Portrait

NPA 19.jpg

Arthur was chosen to take the picture. To prepare for the family portrait, he fixes his aardvark hair. Mrs. Read has Baby Kate in her arms, who's napping. Then Grandpa Dave steps in. As the family checks to make sure they're ready, Pal barks. D.W. realized they forgot Pal and she took him into the portrait. Unfortunately, Pal's barking woke up Kate from her nap. Kate did not want to wake up yet and started crying, which the entire family noticed. The entire family, that is, except Arthur and D.W.. There was worse to come. Arthur thought the entire family was ready and took the portrait. When the flash goes off, black marker dots can be seen on the title card. The final result is a black-and-white portrait of Mr. Read looking like he did an annoying dance, Grandma Thora and Mrs. Read holding a crying Kate (It looked like Mrs. Read's tongue was out), Grandpa Dave stepping aside to see how the problem was dealed with and ended up getting cut, and D.W. hiding behind a startled Pal. Arthur was the only one looking at the blue camera and smiling as he was busy taking the portrait.

This title card was used in episodes dealing with family matters and when the Read Family are central characters. It was introduced in Season 2.

Episodes used

Prunella Deegan, Fortune Teller

Prunella Future.png

Prunella performs as a fortune teller on stage during the talent show. She presents a goldfish in a bowl. Holding the bowl, she says: "And I predict that you will shortly see..." into the mic with a slight echo, and does a ta-da pose thinking her talent will happen, but unfortunately the lights flicker and go out with a zap. But Prunella's eyes are still visible, so she could've wore night vision.

This title card was introduced in Season 4, where it was also part of a scene in the episode "To Beat or Not to Beat", and has since been used for episodes where Prunella is the central character. It debuted in "Prunella Gets It Twice" as a sneak peek for the next episode. This was one of two pre-season 16 title cards to show an actual image from an episode, with the other one being Fern Writes a Letter.

Episodes used

Binky Blows Bubblegum


Binky chews some bubblegum. He used a hand gesture to help blow the bubble because it's hard for him. The bubble keeps expanding until it reaches the size of the center circle and pops. The bubble was so big that when it popped, Binky found himself stuck in strings of gum. He tries to get out, struggling, but couldn't. Raindrops can be heard as Binky struggles, which suggests that he might be in a basement.

This was usually used in episodes where Binky is the central character. This title card was introduced in Season 2.

Episodes used

Fairy D.W. Turns Arthur into a Frog

Dw magic.png

D.W. swings down, tied to the end of a rope, in a fairy costume and uses her wand to make Arthur appear. He does a ta-da pose, but D.W. turns his head into that of a frog. He croaks, and D.W. does a ta-da pose. Popping sounds are heard when she uses her wand. This is one of two post-Season 1 titles to have the edges of the circle vibrating, similar to the Season 1 title cards (the other one being Pal Howls).

Error: When D.W. makes Arthur appear, her legs turn to its normal colors for a split-second.

This is another title usually used for episodes focusing on D.W. herself. This was introduced in Season 5.

Episodes used

Fern Writes a Letter

Fern Writes.png

Fern, with her writing lamp turned on, intently writes a letter on a desk by the window.

This title card was first introduced in Season 10, and has since been used where Fern is the focus of the episode.

Fern Writes a Letter was one of two pre-season 16 title cards to show an actual image from an episode, where Fern writes her first letter in "Fern and Persimmony Glitchet". The other one was Prunella Deegan, Fortune Teller.

Episodes used

Buster Arrives on a Spaceship

Spaceship buster.jpg

The central circle is a spaceship. It flies in and lands, causing dust clouds to form, with what looks like a blue alien that has red eyes. The top half of the circle, which is transparent, opens to the right and the alien reaches for its head and twists it. It pops off, revealing a smiling Buster wearing an old-fashioned space suit and a helmet.

Usually used in episodes with lots of science fiction, futuristic themes, and/or Buster. Introduced in Season 3.

Episodes Used

Arthur and the Stampede


Arthur starts running in a race, but ends up in a stampede, noticing Francine, Binky, Sue Ellen, and Muffy pass him. Arthur gets tired, but notices D.W. cheating by riding her tricycle. He illegally gets on top of the tricycle's wheels and rides it to the end of the race. With one fist around D.W.'s shoulder and the other in the air, Arthur says "Yee-haw!", excitedly.

This title card is used when it's about Arthur and his friends and/or bicycles/sports. Introduced in Season 2.

Error: D.W. rides a tricycle in this title card. In D.W. Rides Again, she rides a two-wheeler. However, the race could've taken place before that episode.

Episodes used

A Car Gets Towed

Tow Truck.png

A tow truck tows a car with a man inside dragging along the road. Its dual ignition is broken.

This title card was used in episodes involving cars in the plot. Introduced in Season 6.

Episodes used

Pal Howls

Pal Howls.png

Pal sniffs around, howls, sniffs again, and walks away, dragging his collar.

This is one of two post-Season 1 titles to have the edges of the circle vibrating similar to the Season 1 title cards (the other one being Fairy D.W.).

Originally used for episodes dealing with losing something/someone or scary/sad situations, but later became used mostly for episodes focusing on Pal and Kate. This was first used in Season 2, and was the first title card to be made outside of the original six that were made for Season 1. It was retired after Season 14.

Episodes used

An Octopus Pokes D.W.

Tibble the Octopus.png

D.W.'s been reading a story until some octopus arms appear, and one of them pokes her shoulder. This causes D.W. to scream and run away. The Tibbles then come up from under the octopus arms and laugh, revealing that they put on octopus arms to frighten D.W..

This was used when one or both of the Tibbles are the central character(s). Introduced in Season 3. It was retired after Season 13.

Episodes Used


A short clip from the actual episode is featured in the circle. First used in the "The Good Sport" from season 6, and "Buenas Noches, Vicita" from season 11. While U.S. airings continued to use the old style title cards, the scene title cards became the only title card type for international airings throughout Seasons 14 and 15. They became the universal title card style in Season 16, being used to present. These have also been used on remasters of Seasons 1, 2 and 3 in syndication internationally.

Good Sport Intro.png
Vicita going to bed..png

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