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Many Arthur episodes have shown members of main characters' families. This is a list of them.

The Armstongs[]

The Barneses[]

The Baxters[]

The Bickleses[]

The Compsons[]

The Crosswires[]

The Datillos[]

The Deegans[]

The Frenskys[]

The Haneys[]

The Lundgrens[]

The MacDonalds[]

The MacGradys[]

The Merkleses[]

The Molinas[]

The Morgans[]

The Pappases[]

The Powerses[]

The Ratburns[]

  • Nigel Ratburn
  • Rodentia Ratburn, sister
  • Otto Ratburn, father
  • Lisa Ratburn, mother
  • Hans, grandfather
  • Olga, grandmother
  • Joseph, great-grandfather
  • Sophie, great-grandmother
  • Rupert, great-great-grandfather
  • Olav, uncle
  • Fiodor, uncle
  • Susan, aunt
  • Louisa, aunt
  • Anna, great-great-aunt
  • Odo, great-great-uncle
  • Marget, great-great-aunt or great-great-uncle
  • Anastasio, great-great-uncle
  • Albert, first cousin twice removed
  • Julie, first cousin twice removed
  • Carl, first cousin twice removed
  • Vaclav, first cousin twice removed
  • Elizabeth, first cousin twice removed
  • Basil, first cousin twice removed

The Reads[]

The Tibbles[]

The Walterses[]

The Vanderloos[]

Last Name Unknown[]