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Throughout the series, characters have made references to religious beliefs. Here is a list of some references.


  • In "Play it Again, D.W.," Catherine calls for "Solomon-like wisdom." She does this by adding a line of tape around the whole house to divide the place. This is referencing the time in the Bible when Solomon offers to cut a baby in half, being fought over by two mothers.
  • In Arthur's Perfect Christmas, there are many mentions of the Bible such as David Read commenting that he based his food on what people would eat back in ancient Bethlehem when Jesus was born. Francine's family celebrates Hanukkah, with a menorah and traditional Jewish prayers. George gives a presentation about St. Lucia's Day, a Christian feast in December.
  • In "The Secret Life of Dogs and Babies," Kate says a quote similar to Isaiah 11:6.
  • In Arthur, It's Only Rock 'n' Roll, Mrs. McGrady says "'Render unto Caesar', ya know! But you've rendered unto Caesar too much!" The original phrase ("render unto Caesar") was a quote from Jesus Christ.
  • In "Francine's Split Decision," Brain explains that to understand the significance of a bar mitzvah, one would "have to go back to the beginning of the Jewish people, when Abraham and Sarah begat Isaac, who begat Jacob, who begat Joseph, who begat-"
  • In "Sue Ellen Chickens Out," Brain says, "The head is strong, but the stomach is weak" after eating a chicken sandwich from the restaurant Chickin Lickin'. This is reminiscent of Matthew 26:41 where Jesus says, "...The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak."
  • In "Is That Kosher?" Francine tries fasting for the Jewish holiday, Yom Kippur. She contacts Adil for advice on fasting, since he also fasts during the Islamic month of Ramadan.