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"Listen Up!"
Season/Series: 25
Number in season: 3A
Original Airdate: United States February 21, 2022[1]
Canada May 18, 2022[2]
Written by: Peter K. Hirsch
Storyboard by: Tom Cho
Helene Cossette
"A Cloudy Day"
"Arthur's New Old Vacation"

"Listen Up!" is the first half of the third episode in the twenty-fifth season of Arthur.


Muffy helps Francine deal with the death of her Bubbe.


Francine is in the middle of a hair makeover given by Muffy when she receives some disturbing news from her mother: her Bubbe has passed away, and she needs to go to her funeral in Florida. Her friends wish to make her feel better, and Muffy decides to take charge.

First, they hold a party at Muffy's house after Francine returns home, which proves ill-timed as it happens just when she tells Muffy that she wants time for herself. Arthur passes on a card from D.W. with a picture of her late pet parakeet, Spanky, while Brain donates money in Bubbe's name to a charity. Muffy tries to offer Francine cake, but she is overwhelmed by the attention and runs off. At school, Muffy tries to tend to Francine's every need, but when Francine tries to actually talk about Bubbe, Muffy does not listen. Later, she invites Francine to a spa as a way to distract her, and again when Francine tries to talk about Bubbe, Muffy does not listen and tries to change the subject, frustrating Francine.

Muffy is confused when she sees George chatting with a crying Francine at the Sugar Bowl, assuming that he has done something wrong, especially when Francine avoids her on her way out. She confronts George over this, to which he explains that he was simply listening to Francine. When Muffy keeps interrupting his attempt to explain this, he also reveals that Francine has been feeling unheard by Muffy. Out of a genuine desire to do better as Francine's best friend, Muffy asks George for help. His lesson attempt is largely complicated by her inability to stop talking and pay attention, but eventually the lesson turns to empathy as he tells her to think about a time she lost someone important. She soon remembers the time she lost her pet hamster and realizes that she understands Francine's feelings. She heads to the Frenskys' apartment and gives Francine a photo of her and Bubbe from the time they went to the theater, and honestly offers to just listen. The two friends make up as Francine tells Muffy about the funeral.






Production notes

  • This episode effectively writes out Bubbe, as she is stated to have died. Her death was likely done in response to her voice actress Joan Rivers' death in 2014.
  • The exact spelling of Bubbe's name is not clear. Throughout this episode, the closed captions are spelled "Bubbe," but "Bubby" has been used in other episodes.
  • This is the final appearance of Prunella, Molly, Bailey, Portia, Bubbe, and Laverne Frensky.

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