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Little Jack Murphy
Jack Murphy 2
Gender Male
Animal Bear
Hair color Brown
Complexion Cream
Cartoon debut "Prunella and the Haunted Locker"
Voiced by Ricky Mabe

 "Little Jack Murphy" is the ghost of a boy who haunts locker 237. He is eventually revealed to be made up by Fern.

According to Fern, Jack Murphy went to Lakewood Elementary in the 1950s and was assigned locker 237. First, he noticed strange sounds and smells coming from the locker. Then, strange misfortunes began happening to him. A black cat crossed his path, he rode his bike into a bush, stepped in wet cement, and got his lunch box stolen by a dog. Strange events continued until, one day, he just disappeared.

Francine studies old yearbooks and suggests, that Jack Murphy may be based on an actual student named Jay Mayberry.

Fern eventually admits that she made up Jack Murphy and chose the name simply because she liked it.

The episode ends with a swing set starting to swing by itself to the laughter of an unseen boy. This could suggest that there is a real ghost at the school.

Jack Murphy


  • His "misfortunes" are nearly identical to Brain's in "Friday the 13th."
  • His only line was screaming when he crashed into a bush. This scream was reused from Timmy Tibble in "D.W. Rides Again." Coincidentally, both were riding their bikes into a bush.