Little Lucie
Little Lucie
Gender Female
Animal Dog
Cartoon debut No Acting, Please
Voiced by Holly G. Frankel
It forgot how, like we forgot how. Grandma, can't you here the thistle blowing? I hear thistle blowing, out there on the dusty plains, but I also hear a whistle blowing. Don't you, Grandma?

—Little Lucie's only line, No Acting, Please

Little Lucie was a minor character in the play It Began With a Whistle, featured in the episode "No Acting, Please". She was portrayed by Fern Walters.


Little Lucie was a young girl currently living in the Great Depression. She lived with Grandma and Big Daddy Booth.

Physical appearance

Little Lucie Standing

Fern wearing her costume after the play.

Little Lucie's actual appearance is unknown, as she's only been seen being depicted by Fern. She wears a light blue-green dress with darker blue cuffs. She wears a ribbon of the same shade of blue on her head. Lucie also wears plain black and gray shoes with white socks.


Fern's portrayal of Little Lucie was described as dreary by Muffy Crosswire. Despite this, Lucie appeared to be a hopeful girl who still heard the thistle blowing and whistle blowing during the Great Depression. Lucie was also seen to be an affectionate and caring girl, showing affection towards her grandma by hugging her.


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