Little red riding hood worker

The worker dressed as Little Red Riding Hood in "D.W., the Picky Eater"

Little Red Riding Hood is a famous European fairytale about a girl going to see her grandmother, while a big bad wolf gives her trouble.

Season 2

In "D.W., the Picky Eater," references to the story appear in Once Upon a Restaurant. A person dressed as Little Red Riding Hood hands the Reads' their menus, and a person dressed as a wolf is the one that activates the boat that takes them to their seat.

Season 5

In "Just Desserts," the story is referenced as part of a large fairy tale crossover in Arthur's dream. After some dwarfs take D.W. away in the dream, Arthur goes to find Grandma Thora to help. He goes into Elwood City, but Binky laughs at his clothes, so he puts on a red cape. He goes to the house, and finds her as a cake, which goes into Arthur's mouth. D.W. then comes in and yells at him for eating her, to which Buster, as a woodcutter, comes in to chop her out of Arthur. At this chopping, the dream ends.

Season 10

In the intro to "Fern & Persimmony Glitchet," Fern demonstrates how the story may not be as popular if there was no big bad wolf, with D.W. playing Little Red Riding Hood and Grandma Thora playing the grandmother.

Season 16

The preschool will perform a class play about Little Red Riding Hood in the upcoming episode "All About D.W.". Emily will get the starring role, and D.W. will be a tree; until she decides to be Emily's understudy.

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