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Lord Byron
Lord Byron.png
Gender Male
Hair color Dark gray
Job Poet
Cartoon debut "Fernkenstein's Monster"
Voiced by Terrence Scammell

Lord Byron (George Gordon Byron, the 6th Baron Byron, 1788-1824) was an English writer who was with John Polidori, Percy Shelley, and Mary Shelley when Mary first told her story, Frankenstein, which frightened her friends. Fern recounts the event in the episode Fernkenstein's Monster.

Lord Byron was one of the most famous romantic poets. His entry for the horror story contest was never completed. It was published as A Fragment along with his poem Mazeppa in 1819. A Fragment is prose and does not contain the lines Byron recites in Fernkenstein's Monster.

The vampire Lord Clarence de Ruthven from John Polidori's novel The Vampyre was modelled on Byron.

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