Los Dedos
Los Dedos Chess Mess.png
Gender Female
Animal Cat
Hair color Black
Complexion Brown
Cartoon debut "Brain's Chess Mess"
Voiced by Mariana Paz-Soldan (s16)
Berkley Silverman (s21)

Isabella is a student at Mighty Mountain School who is a local chess master in Elwood City. She is known for tapping her fingernails during matches, which earned her the nickname "Los Dedos" (Spanish for "The Fingers").


At first she has somewhat of a snobby personality as she is seen calling Brain an amateur after beating him in a game of chess on numerous occasions. She also taps her fingernails, which drives her opponents crazy and is possibly the reason why she is a chess master. After Brain defeats her in another game of chess she gains respect for Brain.

Physical appearance

Los Dedos is a cat with a brown complexion. She wears a pink shirt with violet stripes and a yellow collar, blue jeans, and purple sneakers. She has dark brown hair wrapped in a ponytail.

Episode appearances



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