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The Love Ducks on TV.

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Love Ducks is a children's television program featuring psychedelic ducks quacking to different music, such as "La Toreador" from Georges Bizet's opera Carmen and Beethoven's fifth Symphony, often with colorful, hallucination-like, surreal backgrounds.

Love Ducks revolves around a paradise in which hundreds of brightly colored ducks float about all day quacking musical numbers. Despite being seemingly aimed at toddlers, the show has a certain trippy appeal.

In That's a Baby Show!, Arthur manages to take over the T.V. from D.W. so he can watch the Dark Bunny. However, he comes across Love Ducks while channel-surfing, and actually finds himself getting sucked in. He begins to watch the show secretly, and thus never watches Dark Bunny. When his friends get suspicious, Arthur claims he only watches it with his baby sister Kate, but Francine and Buster discover him watching it alone. The next day, Francine blurts it out in front of everyone and they all tease Arthur. However, when Buster starts watching the show, too, everybody else chooses to give it a chance, and they all end up watching the show together. Francine also admits (by accident) that she has seen the show before, earning her some odd looks from her friends.




  • Love Ducks is Arthur's second favorite show.[1]
  • It may be a parody of Teletubbies in some way.
    • The fact that Arthur and friends are older and still enjoy watching the show may be a reference to the fact that Teletubbies has developed a cult following amongst older audiences due to its psychedelic properties.[2]


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