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Lucky pencil
Item Type

Lucky charm, pencil


Arthur Read,
D.W. Read (briefly)

First Appeared (cartoon)

"Arthur's Lucky Pencil"

The lucky pencil is a blue pencil believed to give its holder good luck. Arthur found it in "Arthur's Lucky Pencil," and used it as a good luck charm. He eventually decided that it wasn't lucky at all, but when D.W. tricked him into letting her keep it, he took it back from her, just in case.

It reappeared in "Sue Ellen Gets Her Goose Cooked" as one of the supplies Arthur needed for the Virtual Goose championship. In this appearance, he keeps it in a plastic bag with its shavings. Interestingly, the pencil was colored yellow, like a standard #2 pencil.

Arthur uses it once again in "Operation: D.W.!" to give D.W. a lucky mark for her operation to go well. She is fine with it, as long as he uses the lucky eraser on it afterwards. In this appearance, the pencil is the correct color, but is back to its full size.


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