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This article is about Aunt Lucy. You may be looking for the preschooler or the Top Supermarket Clerk contestant.
Aunt Lucy.png
Gender Female
Animal Aardvark
Hair color Brilliant gamboge (125a)
Moderate orange (1510a)
Complexion Moderate orange
Family *Lucy's husband (husband)
Book debut D.W. Thinks Big
Cartoon debut "D.W. Thinks Big"
Voiced by Sonja Ball

Lucy is the maternal aunt of Arthur, D.W., Cora and Kate.


Past Life

Lucy grew up near an unidentified town on Grandpa Dave's farm (inferred as her father, Grandpa Dave, is said to have lived there for a long time).

Later life

Lucy's family attends her wedding. "D.W. Thinks Big (episode)"

During a timeout in her room, D.W. exaggerates past events and makes them sound worse than they really were; like not being able to attend Lucy's wedding, and being forced to stay home and work as a housemaid instead. "Go to Your Room, D.W."

Arthur's family once had to spend the night at Lucy's house because of car trouble. "Night Fright"




  • In every later episode that mentions her, she is referred to as a cousin, instead of an aunt.
  • Sonja Ball, who was the voice of Lucy, is also the voice of her sister, Jane, in the Arthur series.