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Grade 4th
Gender Male
Animal Aardvark
Complexion Beige
Residence Luke's House, Elwood City
Family Luke's mother
Cartoon debut "Arthur's Eyes"

Luke[1] is a fourth grader who made his first appearance in the episode "Arthur's Eyes". He may have been in Mr. Ratburn's class the previous year as shown in the episode "Tipping the Scales".

Luke is shown to be nice to the other kids at school. He is also seen playing on the Lakewood Soccer team numerous times. Once he finished his homework while walking out of the school.

Physical appearance[]

Luke is an aardvark with a beige complexion. He dresses similarly to Mr. Marco. He wears light blue jeans, a blue sky jacket with a yellow shirt underneath, and brown shoes.

When playing soccer, Luke wears blue shorts with a white line running down the left side, a black shirt, and blue-and-white sneakers. In winter, he wears a blue sweater, blue hat, and light-blue mittens.



  • Luke spoke twice in the series, which took place during the episodes Francine's Bad Hair Day and Arthur Writes a Story.
  • Luke and Patrick were seen one time in Mr. Ratburn's class in Team Trouble.
  • In earlier seasons Luke was depicted as a third grader and was even in Mrs. Fink's class. In later seasons he has never been seen in Mrs. Fink's class and is now a fourth grader.
  • He is seen in the intro of the show along with several other kids including the main characters.
  • In the episode Team Trouble, he breaks the fourth wall by waving toward the viewers through the window in the cafeteria, while Buster and Arthur are talking to Francine.
  • The inside of his house was revealed during the episode Sue Ellen Moves In while he was talking to the other kids on the phone about Sue Ellen. It appears that he is talking on the phone via the living room as part of the frame for a picture is seen. The wall is also dark green colored.


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