"MacDonald family's house" is not an official name.
MacDonalds' house
James's house.png
Location Elwood City
Type House
Administrator MacDonald family
Number of rooms At least 6[1]
Residents Mrs. MacDonald,
Molly MacDonald,
James MacDonald
James' unknown relative (Number 2) (possibly)
First appearance "Don't Ask Muffy"

The MacDonalds' House is home to James, Molly, and Mrs. MacDonald. They own a swimming pool, and Molly has an "animation studio" in her bedroom.




  1. The rooms in the "Rooms" gallery and there has to be a kitchen/dining room, a bathroom and the parents' bedroom.
  2. "That's my cousin Prudence, my uncle Chester, my step-aunt Myrtle, my dog Bowser, Molly, my second cousin..." James MacDonald to D.W. Read, D.W. Unties the Knot.

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