"Maria's house" is not an official name.
Maria's house
Maria 1
Maria sitting on the front steps
Location Elwood City
Type House
Number of rooms 1 known
Residents Maria's mother,
First appearance "Sue Ellen Moves In"
Maria's house is a house in Elwood City that is home to Steve, Maria, and their mother. Maria was seen on the front steps of the house in "The Boy with His Head in the Clouds", though the main house was not visible.



Maria's bedroom is seen in "Maria Speaks".

Uncertain interior

The inside of the house was seen when Maria talks on the phone about Sue Ellen in "Sue Ellen Moves In". The room seen had light pink walls.

Uncertain Exterior

In "Arthur Rides the Bandwagon", Maria was seen with Jenna in a house next door to Grandma Thora's house. This may be her house, or Jenna's.

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