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"Maria lookalike" is not an official name.
Maria lookalike
Unknown Female Rabbit 2
Gender Female
Animal Rabbit
Hair color Light brown
Complexion Gray
Residence Westboro Apartments, Elwood City[1]
Family Brother,
Cartoon debut D.W. All Wet

Maria lookalike is an unnamed character who made her first appearance in the episode "D.W. All Wet".


Not much is known about her since her appearances are very limited, but she has appeared in the series many times. It is unknown if she or her brother, with whom she is usually seen, attends Lakewood Elementary School.


The Maria lookalike is a rabbit with a gray complexion. She wears a red dress, a yellow and red striped shirt, long white socks, and solid blue shoes.

Alternate Apparel[]

For formal occasions she wears a pink sweater, a purple dress, and what appears to be blue shoes.


  • This character is almost identical to Maria, but isn't Maria. Her brother also resembles Maria's fourth grade brother, Steve.
  • Since this character's grade level in school is unknown, her age is not determined yet.
  • This character is one of the few doppelgangers that still reappears in the series. She replaces Maria in a few episodes.