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Marina Datillo
Grade 4th[citation needed]
Gender Female
Animal Rabbit
Hair color Brown (s6-16)

Red (s17-24)

Complexion White
Residence Marina's House, Elwood City
Family Mrs. Datillo (mother)
Mr. Datillo (father)[1]
Cartoon debut "Prunella's Special Edition"
Voiced by Helena Evangeliou

Marina Datillo is Prunella's best friend, who is blind. She is a fourth grader[citation needed] at Mighty Mountain,[2] and later Lakewood.[3][4] She plays soccer and is a fan of the Henry Skreever books.


Meeting Prunella[]

She and Prunella met when Prunella unwillingly received a Braille edition of the latest Henry Skreever and the Cabbage of Mayhem and let Marina borrow it, and since then they have become inseparable. Marina is notably good at yoga and joined Prunella and her mother, Wanda, in their early-morning yoga routine. Marina lives with her mother, and her father is not currently a character in the series, though it has been mentioned that he works at the Elwood City Wildlife Center.[1]

Physical appearance[]

Prunella Sees the Light 85

Marina in her original Mighty Mountain soccer uniform

Marina is a rabbit with a white complexion and a triangular pink nose. Her profile is drawn inconsistently. Often her face is flat, but sometimes she has a pointy nose similar to Molly MacDonald.

Marina originally had short brunette hair with bangs. From Season 17 onward, her hair became reddish brown.

Marina normally wears a white shirt with a bluish-gray sweater over it, a bluish-green skirt, periwinkle socks, and umber brown shoes. She carries a white cane when she walks through town, so she knows what is ahead of her.

In one episode, Marina also wears a pink tank top, gray shorts, and pink sandals.


Screen Shot 2022-07-22 at 1.44

Marina in her Lakewood soccer uniform

Marina sometimes acts as Prunella's mature side. She is kind, understanding, and helpful, although she hates it when people fuss about her because she is blind. This shows that she has some level of independence. She tends to master things quickly (one example is when she does a more complex move in yoga). Marina is also very athletic and plays on a soccer team. At times, she is shown to have a competitive personality and this can sometimes lead to her downfall.



  • Mrs. Datillo - Marina's sighted mother. She is very instructional, and enjoys quilting with Marina.
  • Mr. Datillo - He has never been shown in the series, though it has been mentioned that he works at the Elwood City Wildlife Center.[1]



Postcards from Buster[]


  • On the show's official website, You've Got Braille (a section of Prunella's page) is a play on America Online's "You've Got Mail!"; although it is used to translate print characters into a visual representation of the corresponding Braille characters.
  • All of her appearances are in episodes that feature Prunella as the central character.
  • In "Prunella Sees the Light", from Season 7, Marina is shown to be from Mighty Mountain Elementary because she plays on their team.
  • Although Marina's physical appearance clearly corresponds to that of other rabbit characters on the program, Arthur creator/author Marc Brown once described her species in an interview as "a variation on a dog."[6] Later on, Arthur director Greg Bailey explained that Marina is indeed a rabbit, but a character designer had accidentally given her a dog nose.[citation needed]
    • It is possible she has parent of two different species, such as Emily (her mother is a rabbit and her dad is a monkey).
  • In 2002, a promotional bookmark for the Arthur series was issued to libraries. The bookmark featured on one side an image of Arthur and Pal, as well as the "Arthur" logo, which was also printed in Braille. The other side featured Marina's head and neck with the speech bubble "Try reading the numbers in Braille!", the phrase "Join ARTHUR On a Communication Adventure" and the numbers 1–5, printed in both English numerals and Braille.[7]


Prunella and Marina at the Elwood City Public Library
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