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Marthur was a mash-up between Arthur and Martha Speaks. Two Marthur features were available on the PBS Kids website, a sticker book and two videos. The videos insert Arthur Read into several scenes of the opening theme of Martha Speaks, and vice-versa with the Arthur opening theme.

Like Arthur, Martha Speaks is a production of WGBH Boston, and the two share many common writers, including Joe Fallon and Ken Scarborough, who serves as the head writer for Martha Speaks.

Marthur Stickerbook Mashup

Marthur Stickerbook Mashup
Stickerbook splash.gif
Game Information
Game type Sticker art
Main character(s) Arthur: Arthur, Binky, Buster, D.W., Francine, Kate, Muffy, Pal
Martha Speaks: Alice, Helen, Martha, Nelson, Pops, Skits, T.D., Truman
Platform Online

Marthur Stickerbook Mashup was a game that allowed the player to create their own scenes from Arthur or Martha Speaks by combining characters, items, and backgrounds from both series. It was removed from the Arthur website in October 2018.


The game is arranged with the work area in the center, with the Martha Speaks stickers on the left and the Arthur stickers on the right. The four buttons are in the center, below the work area. Clockwise from the top-left, the buttons are: delete sticker, clear whole project, print project, save project.


There are 4 backgrounds from each series, for a total of 8 backgrounds. The Martha Speaks backgrounds are: the inside of a barn, a campsite, the kitchen of Martha's family's house, and a concert stage. The Arthur backgrounds are: the living room of Arthur's family's house, the Sugar Bowl, the hallway of the Tibbles' House, and the inside of the Tree House.


Crossover Theme Songs

Martha was inserted into a special version of the Arthur theme song. Likewise, Arthur was inserted into a special version of the Martha Speaks theme song. These videos have since been removed from the PBS Kids website.

Other Promotions

The week of November 11, 2013, saw the PBS Kids premiere of the first 5 episodes of Season 17 of Arthur and some new episodes of season 5 of Martha Speaks.[1]


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