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Mary Alice Miller
Mary-Alice Miller.png
Gender Female
Animal Monkey
Hair color Red
Complexion Yellow
Residence Fountain Abbey (formerly)
Family Muffy Crosswire (great-great-granddaughter)
Chip Crosswire (great-great-grandson)
Job Maid (formerly)
Cartoon debut "Fountain Abbey"
Voiced by Melissa Altro

Mary Alice Miller was the great-great-grandmother of Muffy Crosswire.


Mary Alice started as an untalented housemaid at Fountain Abbey in England. After Lord Binkford Bantam told her that he wanted to be a juggler, she helped him to improve his act. Out of jealousy, Mary Alice's fellow maid Miss O’Breean tried to frame her for stealing earrings, but Mary Alice managed to convince the Bantams of her talent for business and was promoted to manager. First, she suggested opening a circus on the premises. Later, she sold Fountain Abbey, which made the Bantams rich. Mary Alice travelled to America in 1923 with Lady Bantam. She planned to travel America by car, because she “so adore[d] those machines”. It is suggested that she founded or at least inspired the founding of Crosswire Motors.

Physical Appearance

Mary Alice wears basic maid clothes like a white hat, a black dress and white covers. She looks a lot like Muffy.


  • Mary Alice Miller is the only major character in the Fountain Abbey flashbacks that is not based on a character from Downton Abbey.
  • Mary Alice Miller share's Muffy's given names, looks and voice actress.
  • BBC's captions spell her name as Mary-Alice.[1]


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