Mary Alice Miller
Mary-Alice Miller
Gender Female
Animal Monkey
Hair color Red
Complexion Yellow
Residence Fountain Abbey (formerly)
Family Muffy Crosswire (great-great-granddaughter)
Chip Crosswire (great-great-grandson)
Job Maid (formerly)
Cartoon debut "Fountain Abbey"
Voiced by Melissa Altro

Mary Alice Miller was the great-great-grandmother of Muffy Crosswire. She initially served as a maid at Fountain Abbey. She later on became manager and sold Fountain Abbey as she was not very good at her job as maid. She broke many things in the Abbey, though Binkford thought she was very good. She then sent Binkford to the circus.

Physical Appearance

Mary Alice wears basic maid clothes like a white hat, a black dress and white covers. She looks a lot like Muffy.


  • BBC's captions spell her name as Mary-Alice.[1]


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