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Mary Moo Cow
Mary Moocow s5.png
Gender Female
Animal Cow (costume)
Complexion White/Creme
Purple (spots)
Favorite color Dandelion[1]
Voiced by Heidi Foss[2][3]

Mary Moo Cow is the eponymous character of the in-universe children's television show. She is played by Patty Jones.


She has two horns and is white with purple polka dots, though in the books, she appears purple with pink dots. She also has pink nostrils and hands/hooves with two fingers on each.


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  • In the episode "S.W.E.A.T.," Mary Moo Cow can be heard saying, "5, 5, 5 is sweet, it's when I get off work!"
  • In the episode "Citizen Frensky," Arthur and D.W. come back from watching Mary Moo Cow: The Movie.
  • In several PBS Kids printables, Mary's purple spots and white skin are reversed.
  • Mary Moo Cow bears resemblance to the purple dinosaur character Barney in nature.
  • Although in real life, cows don't have purple polka dots. They have black swirls but this cow could be a resemblance to the Milka cow.


"Moooooo to youuuuu!"
– Mary Moo Cow, The Last of Mary Moo Cow