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The logo of the Mary Moo Cow show.

Mary Moo Cow is a show about an anthropomorphic cow who entertains children in her barn. She often plays with young children who help her to teach basic lessons to viewers, often adding musical numbers and playing games while she does it. The show, in nature, bears resemblance to "Barney & Friends" (along with its predecessor "Barney & The Backyard Gang"), another PBS television program.

D.W. is arguably Mary Moo Cow's biggest fan, the show being one of her main obsessions. She never misses it and if she does will freak out in front of everyone. In "Rhythm and Roots of Arthur," she says that there is "no such thing as a boring Mary Moo Cow episode" and claims that it "gets better with age" in "Framed!" She owns all of its merchandise and even owns some Mary Moo Cow's videotapes, even those in other languages (including Turkish). However, her brother Arthur does not like the show, thinking it to be a "baby show" that always repeats the same lessons over and over again. Thus, he often fights over the T.V. so he can watch what he likes and not that.

Mary Moo Cow was cancelled in "The Last of Mary Moo Cow", during which its final episode aired. D.W. became severely depressed by this and after seeing how a petition works on T.V., sent in her own petition to get the show back on, with her friends signing it.

Mary Moo Cow did eventually return to T.V., but ended up getting Dark Bunny (the sequel series to Bionic Bunny) cancelled in the process, much to Arthur's dismay. However, both shows appear to be on the air once again with no noticeable problem. D.W. still watches the show and its host obsessively.

In "Dear Adil", Adil found a Turkish Mary Moo Cow CD for D.W. and sent it to her.

In an alternate future in "D.W. and the Beastly Birthday," an older D.W. states that Mary Moo Cow was a "baby show," but that it had "a lot of adult references" in it.

List of Characters Known To Watch it

Mary Moo Cow Production Team

The ending credits of Mary Moo Cow are shown for approximately 3 seconds in "That's a Baby Show!". Some of the names, such as "Richard Nixon" (a former U.S. President known for corruption), are obvious jokes, while others are references to actual Arthur show staff. For example, Enguan Xu was an early production coordinator for the series, while "Alex Tankushev" is likely a reference to Ivan Tankushev, who served as both an animation director and layout supervisor for the series.

  • Michel Simard
  • David Bailey
  • Shayne Gryn
  • Philippe St-Onye
  • Ethan Layue
  • Peter Huggan 
  • Keith Seggie
  • Paulo Gougeon
  • Lucie Faniel
  • Monica Lanylois
  • Karen Wolf
  • Tolon Brown
  • Richard Nixon
  • Tanis Flemons
  • Daphne Doggie
  • Enguan Xu
  • Joey Vekteris
  • Maude Fonteau
  • Gabriel Houle
  • Alex Tankushev
  • Sandrine Marceau
  • Ingrid David
  • Wayne Millet
  • Joseph Zamboni



Mary Moo Cow, Mary Moo Cow,
We love you, Mary Moo,
When you're with the Moo Cow,
Every day is new—wow!
We love you, Mary Moo.


The best word I know is F-U-N,
F-U-N spells fun!
Fun is nice, I like fun!
I like F-U-N!
Let's spell it again!
F-U-N spells--
(song is interrupted by Arthur)


We like soup, soup is great!
You eat it in a bowl, not on a plate!


L-A-S-T, that spells last!
Last is L-A-S-T,
Mary: Can you spell it really fast?
Kids: OK, we'll do our best! Hey!
L-A-S-T, L-A-S-T, L-A-S-T, L-A-S-T! L-A-S-T, L-A-S-T!
Last Spells L-A-S-T!

Arthur and Buster:
L-A-S-T, that spells last! No more Mary Moo Cow!


Three, three, three is fun,
It's more than one or two... 
(the rest of the song is unknown)

Count up to one

Sung in "Two Minutes"

These two songs did not appear in Mary Moo Cow, but were sung by her in D.W.'s fantasy in "The Last of Mary Moo Cow"

Oh, D.W.

Oh, D.W., oh, D.W.,
I love you...
...really, Moo?
There is no one smarter...
Yeah, tell that to Arthur!
Arthur? Blegh!
I love you...
D.W. and Mary

A Petition

A petition, here is a petition.
Spell petition...
P-E-T-I...something something something.
Now we can get out of here!
D.W., you've brought us cheer!
Something something something!
Something something something!
Mary and Kids

And these two songs appear in "Cast Away"

F-U-N (Complete Version)

The best word I know is F-U-N, 

F-U-N Spells Fun! 

Fun is nice, I like fun! 

I Like F-U-N 



Let's spell it again! 



F-U-N Spells Fun, 
Let's Spell Again!

Main (Sung by Fishermen)

Mary Moo Cow, Mary Moo Cow,

I love you, Yes I do! 

(rest unknown)