Mary Ann
Gender Female
Animal Dog
Family Maryann's father
Maryann's mother
Maryann's sister
Kyle (brother)?
Cartoon debut D.W. All Wet

Maryann[1][2] is a preschooler who made her first appearance in the episode "D.W. All Wet". She attends school at the Elwood City Preschool and enjoys Mary Moo Cow.

In "D.W.'s Very Bad Mood", she is invited to Lisa's party.

She screamed when Timmy snatched an apple juice box from her.

Physical appearance

Maryann is a dog with a cream complexion, which was changed to gray in the 20th season. She has short hair and wears a purple dress, a light lavender vest over her dress, and brown Mary Jane shoes.




  • During Career Day in "D.W. Aims High", she can be seen wearing a safari hat, which suggests that she may want to become an explorer when she grows up.
  • Maryann was shown with Fern in the episode "Sue Ellen's Little Sister" as Fern's little sister. Fern, from what we've seen and known, is most likely an only child. Plus, Maryann's father is very different compared to Mr. Walters.


Marie-Helene Ice Skating
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