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This article is about Arthur's great-great-great uncle. You may be looking for the little boy.
Gender Male
Family Dave (grandnephew)
Jane Read (great-grandniece)
Fred (great-grandnephew)
Lucy (great-grandniece)
Jessica (great-grandniece)
Arthur (great-great-grandnephew)
D.W. (great-great-grandniece)
Kate (great-great-grandniece)
Job Sailor
Cartoon debut "The Big Dig" (mentioned)

Matthew was the great-great-granduncle of Arthur, D.W., and Kate, mentioned in "The Big Dig."'

He owned a golden compass that saved his life. It was passed on from generation to generation to Grandpa Dave. After Arthur and D.W. got mad at Dave for making up a story about Blacktooth's treasure, Dave passed the compass on to them to appease them.


He was a sailor who traveled around the world. In the year 1888, a huge storm sunk his boat. Seven men had to survive in a life boat with little food, a checkerboard and a compass. Matthew had an interest in checkers, and he and his shipmates played it in order to pass the time.

There was indeed a major blizzard in 1888 which claimed the lives of many sailors. Of course, Grandpa Dave may still have made up some details.