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Meek for a Week (song)

"Meek for a Week" is a song Francine Frensky sings to prove she can be friendly and patient for a whole week. It is based on the episode of the same name. It is Track 6 on the album Arthur and Friends: The First Almost Real Not Live CD (or Tape).



Why shouldn't I say that I am great, when it's only true!

Why don't you just get out of my way, I play better than you!

My friends say I'm impatient and rude.

So I bet that I might change my attitude.

I can be meek for a week!

Meek for a week!(x3)

It's a bet I know I can win!

Tomorrow it will begin!

Sunday, like a lamb I was tame!

Monday, I didn't start one fight!

Tuesday, my team lost a game,

It was Arthur's fault, that's all right.

I won't let anything bother me yet.

There are four days, nine hours, and twenty-seven minutes, ten and a one half seconds

Left in the bet!

I can be meek for a week!

Meek for a week!

I know I'll be meek for a week!

Maybe my patience is wearing thin.

But I know that I can win!

(Spoken) Wednesday? Isn't it Sunday yet!?!

Thursday! I've just gotta stop!

Why did I make this bet?

I feel like my head will pop!

(Singing) But if my head pops off, I still won't let them win!

My bodyless head will smile and grin.

Meek for a week!

I can be meek for a week!

They'll all be sorry when I'm meek for a week!

Only two more days, I pray I can make it!

I just hope that my nerves can take it!

Friday, Binky sat on my watch!

Crushed it flat, it was just unreal!

Saturday, it's almost over, then I can say how I really feel!

Only five more seconds and I will win.

If I keep my face frozen in this grin.

[with other kids plus her father Oliver]






(alarm clock rings; music stops)


(Spoken) I made it! I won I beat you all! Now, I have a few things to say to you guys. First, you Arthur...


Francine, your watch is fast, you still have seventeen minutes left to go. What'd you wanna say?


AAAHHH! (music restarts) Seventeen minutes more!?!

I can't be meek for!

Seventeen minutes more!?!

I can't be meek for!

Seventeen minutes more!?!

I can't make it!

I just can't take it!


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