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"Meet Binky"
Season/Series: 3
Number in season: 6b
Original Airdate: United States November 23, 1998[1]
Canada September 13, 1999[2]
Germany February 28, 2002[3]
Written by: Sandra Willard
Storyboard by: Jeremy O'Neill
Larry Jacobs
"Binky Rules"
"Arthur Rides the Bandwagon"
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"Meet Binky" is the second half of the sixth episode in the third season of Arthur. It was later adapted into the book Arthur Rocks with BINKY.


The gang is so excited when they get coveted tickets to the Binky concert. Arthur is in for the chance of a lifetime, but will he realize that not sharing the excitement with his friends will make for a hollow experience?


In the introduction, Arthur talks about how everybody is crazy about the pop band Binky. While Binky Barnes tries to attract attention to himself, we see kids buying Binky CDs and using Binky fan articles. Radio DJ Dr. Jake announces a Binky concert.

Meet Binky

A journalist interviews Binky's manager Svern Smith and wonders why Binky have never given a concert or an interview. Svern replies that the group will make a big announcement at their first concert in Elwood City.

Francine, Buster and Prunella stand in a long line for tickets. Arthur, however, has to go shoe shopping with Jane and D.W., so he arrives late and only gets seats far away from the stage.

Buster mentions how cool it would be to meet Binky, and that they might have a chance because of their parents’ jobs. He has a fantasy in which Bitzi interviews the band in the Baxters’ living room. Francine imagines returning a bracelet to a Binky member which was accidentally thrown in the trash. Arthur imagines his mom telling Binky how much taxes they owe, causing them to leave without giving him an autograph.

Later, after having talked to their parents, Buster and Francine admit that they are not likely to meet Binky. Their only chance is being chosen to go on stage and dance with the band. In Arthur's imagination, getting from his seat to the stage takes him three years, so instead of meeting the band, he is left with three years worth of homework to catch up with.

Mr. Read surprises Arthur with the news that he is catering for the crew at the Binky concert, and that Arthur can go backstage to meet the band. Arthur has a fantasy of riding in the band's limousine and saving their lives when Svern Smith passes out at the wheel. Mr. Read also tells Arthur that he can invite some friends. Arthur has another fantasy in which the band drives off without him, because the kids do not all fit into the limousine. Arthur makes excuses for not inviting his friends.

At school, Buster tells Arthur that, if his mom gets to interview Binky, Buster will bring Arthur along. Binky Barnes has received some free tickets and offers Arthur to sit with him, since he got a bad seat. Arthur has a fantasy of the band inviting Binky into the limousine but not Arthur.

Arthur helps his dad prepare food and set up a buffet table where he meets Svern. Arthur is sad, because meeting Binky is not fun without his friends.

Arthur fetches his friends from the audience and Svern introduces them to the musicians, who turn out to be holograms. The music is created by a synthesizer which malfunctions, because Arthur had mistaken it for a trashcan, and thrown a banana peel into it. In the end, the kids are disappointed by Binky. Arthur remarks that he would rather have real friends.







  • Bjorn (Björn), Inga and Svern (Sven) are Scandinavian names. (Nero is Latin and Kyra is Greek.) While Finland does have a sizable Swedish minority, almost all members of Värttinä had Finnish names like Sari, Terhi and Kirsi.

Episode connections

  • Binky Barnes got free tickets, because the band got him in trouble in "Binky Rules".


  • The can in the trash can briefly changes color from green to blue when Dr. Jake picks it up.
  • Arthur was wearing his Binky shirt on the way to getting tickets for the concert, but in one scene is seen in his normal yellow sweatshirt looking out the window of the car, and then it goes back to his Binky shirt later.
  • When the limo goes out of control, Nero is accidentally given Kyra's voice.

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