Item Type

Board Game


Frensky family, and Elwood City

First Appeared (cartoon)

"The Frensky Family Fiasco"

Megalopolis is an old board game that is a parody of Monopoly. The Frenskys play it in "The Frensky Family Fiasco" as part of Francine's family night that she is in charge of. The game pieces include a mouse, thimble, and car. It appears to be played mostly like Monopoly, where you charge rent on properties you own, and has money and a banker.

The game appears again in "The Substitute Arthur", and there is much debate over which way to play the game is best. When D.W. plays she throws all of the money in the air.

The game also appears in "Francine's Cleats of Strength" when Francine is Muffy's personal assistant.


  • In "The Substitute Arthur", one of the roads is called Scarborough Street, a nod to the episode's writer, Ken Scarborough.


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